23 Ideas for Students Who Earned Principal for a Day

If you’re like me, you may seek ideas for students who earned Principal for a Day. This is a first for me. I’m looking for choices to offer our young leaders. Here are 23 ideas that have worked well in the past.

  1. Give a tour of the school
  2. Have lunch with the principal
  3. Sit in on a staff meeting
  4. Help make decisions about school rules
  5. Work on a special project
  6. Be responsible for leading the morning announcements
  7. Help plan and execute a pep rally
  8. Read to a class
  9. Serve as principal for an hour during an assembly
  10. Be interviewed by the school newspaper
  11. Work with the head custodian to make sure the building is clean and safe
  12. Help plan and execute a field day event
  13. Make a presentation to the school board
  14. Attend a local business meeting as the school representative
  15. Help select books for the school library
  16. Go on a field trip with a class
  17. Help teachers with classroom management ideas
  18. Judge a science fair or art show
  19. Mentor a student who is having difficulty in school
  20. Write an article for the school newsletter about your experience as principal for a day
  21. Give a speech at graduation ceremonies
  22. Plan and direct an all-school play or musical production
  23. Spend time in detention! (You can be creative here – this is detention with a purpose!)”

These are just some ideas to get you started if you’re seeking choices for students who earned Principal for a Day at your school. What other great ideas have you implemented in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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