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What Is a Classroom Walkthrough?

Classroom walkthroughs are a tool to observe teaching as it occurs in a learning environment. Classroom walkthroughs are usually performed by administrators, teachers, or other educational experts. The point of classroom walkthroughs and observation is to analyze teacher performance and give them actionable feedback on their techniques. In that sense, classroom observations and walkthroughs are often part of teacher evaluations.

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7 Rules for Classroom Observation Etiquette

Classroom observation is a necessary part of evaluating teacher performance. As a classroom observer, your job is to be as unobtrusive as possible so that you can see how class progresses in as organic a matter as possible. Being a classroom observer is kind of like being a nature photographer; it is your job to observe and report without disturbing any of the natural going-ons of the classroom.

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Walking the Walk: Monitoring Instruction with Classroom Walkthroughs

Day in and day out, school leaders are responsible for an overwhelming number of tasks. Planning the schedule, running assemblies, responding to medical emergencies, student discipline, staff evaluation, community outreach . . . the list goes on. However, research has repeatedly pointed to the importance of the principal as an instructional leader in the school (Cotton, 2003). In the midst of all of the administrative tasks on his or her plate, the principal cannot lose sight of the critical task of monitoring curriculum and instruction in the school.

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Productive Planning for Back-to-School

If heading back into the school year is overwhelming, you are not alone. Even veteran administrators often struggle to keep up with the myriad of tasks that must be done as teachers return for preplanning and as students walk through the doors on the first day of a new school year.

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Classroom Walkthroughs that Hit the Target

While classroom walkthroughs are a popular way for school and district leaders to monitor and even evaluate instruction, they are not always effective (David, 2007). One of the main reasons that leaders do not always achieve the desired result is because the purpose for the walkthrough and the desired outcomes are nebulous. Walkthroughs often fall short of hitting the desired target because leaders have not taken the time to define the targets or how they will get there.

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