Simple Classroom Walkthrough App for School Leaders

Giving you more time to coach and mentor teachers instead of collecting and organizing feedback

  1. Customize rubric template

  2. Observe and document instruction

  3. Immediately share feedback with the teacher

4.8/5 Rating


“I downloaded Education Walkthrough to help me with my informal observations, as my district still uses pen and paper. Signup was painless and quick, and the brief tour at the beginning was useful. I had to set up a template first, but it was pre-populated with common walkthrough questions that I found very helpful.”

Benjamin Barnett, Elementary School Principal

“This app makes doing teacher observations so quick and easy! So much better than doing it on paper and then digitizing the information. Really reduces redundant work and reduces the time it takes to get feedback done!”

Sam Coen, High School Principal

“I’ve been a paid subscriber for months now and it’s worth every penny. I began the implementation in our school and my ability to use forward-thinking technology like this was a big part of my promotion I’m told.!”

Lauren Lobos, Middle School Principal

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