Evaluate from Anywhere

Education Walkthrough keeps you and your colleagues on the same page, whether you’re using your iPad, iPhone, Android, or computer.

iPhone & Android

With Education Walkthrough in your pocket, it’s easy to evaluate in an instant and provide valuable feedback.

iPad + Android Tablet

Get the most out of your school iPads or Android Tablets. Education Walkthrough is flexible and stores everything in a single, easy-to-use app.


Use Education Walkthrough on a single device or multiple devices. With cloud storage, data is securely stored an available across devices.


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Education Walkthrough in Action

See how Education Walkthrough works and the benefits it could bring to your school and district.

"Education Walkthrough is customized to our teacher effectiveness evaluation framework model and provides a quick, efficient way to do an informal observation with immediate feedback."
Joe Hobly
"We needed a quick electronic form to use when walking through classrooms to observe teachers. After trying many options, we found Education Walkthrough which has streamlined our process."
Sarah Smith
Assistant Principal
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