How the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Helps Teachers Ensure High-Quality Instruction

Samantha James

Samantha James

December 7, 2022

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The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) is a tool that provides feedback to teachers and schools to help them ensure high-quality teaching and learning. Principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and other school leaders use OTES to observe teachers and provide them with feedback about their practice.

OTES aims to improve student learning by providing teachers with information about their strengths and areas for improvement. Through the use of OTES, teachers can reflect on their practice and make changes that will positively impact student learning.

How OTES Works

OTES is based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching, which consists of four domains: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities. Within each domain, several components define what effective teaching looks like.

Each year, teachers are observed a minimum of three times using OTES. Observations are conducted using the Ohio Standards for the Practice of Educational Leadership (OSPEL). The OSPEL includes specific indicators that address each of the four domains of the Danielson Framework.

Feedback from observations is used to develop a professional growth plan for each teacher. The professional growth plan includes specific goals that address areas for improvement identified through OTES observations. Professional development activities are then aligned to the goals in the professional growth plan.

Components of OTES

There are three types of evaluations that make up the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System: self-evaluation, peer review, and principal evaluation.

Self-evaluation: Prior to being observed, teachers complete a self-evaluation using the OTES Self-Evaluation Toolkit. The self-evaluation includes reflection questions related to the Danielson Framework’s four domains.

Peer review: A peer review is conducted by another educator who has been trained in the use of OTES. The peer reviewer observes the teacher and provideshim or her with feedback using the same process that is used for principal evaluations.

Principal evaluation: Principal evaluations are conducted by school leaders who have been trained in the use of OTES. The principal observes the teacher and uses the OSPEL indicators to provide feedback about his or her practice.


The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) is an important tool that helps teachers ensure high-quality instruction for their students. Through self-reflection, peer review, and principal evaluation, teachers can receive feedback about their practice and make changes that will positively impact student learning.