How to save time (and your sanity) with a classroom walkthrough app

Samantha James

Samantha James

January 1, 2023

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Are you a school principal who feels like you never have enough time in the day? Do you spend hours each week walking around campus, peeking into classrooms, and jotting down notes about what you observe? If so, there’s good news: there’s an app for that! A quick search on the App Store or Google Play will reveal several different options for classroom walkthrough apps. In this blog post, we’ll review a few of the most popular ones and explain how they can save you time (and your sanity)

Education Walkthrough is one of the most popular classroom walkthrough apps on the market. The key features of Education Walkthrough that make it appealing to school leaders are its ease of use and flexibility. Education Walkthrough can be used for school culture observations, informal observations, or anything in between. It’s also available on both iOS and Android devices, so you can use it regardless of which type of phone you have.

Another popular option is Class Dojo Walkthroughs. Class Dojo is best known as a behavior management system, but it also offers a walkthrough app that allows users to quickly and easily document their observations. One of the key features of Class Dojo Walkthroughs is that it integrates with the rest of the Class Dojo platform, making it easy to track progress over time.

Finally, we have Educlipper Walkthroughs. Educlipper is an education-focused social media platform that offers a number of different tools for educators, including a classroom walkthrough app. The app allows users to take photos and videos of their observations and share them with colleagues. Educlipper Walkthroughs is available on both iOS and Android devices.

There are several different apps available that can help streamline the process of conducting classroom walkthroughs. In this blog post, we reviewed three of the most popular ones: Education Walkthrough, Class Dojo Walkthroughs, and Educlipper Walkthroughs. All three apps are available on both iOS and Android devices and offer different features that may appeal to different users. So if you’re looking for an easier way to conduct classroom walkthroughs, give one of these apps a try!