Product Update: Reliable Delivery of Feedback to Teachers through EW Email Address

We’re excited to announce the newest feature to our platform – An improved method for sending feedback to teachers with the all-new dedicated education walkthrough feedback email address! This new capability was designed to improve the convenience and reliability of getting completed walkthroughs to teachers via the mobile app.

This new feature will make sending feedback with Education Walkthrough much easier, faster, and, most importantly, more secure. You can get the same great experience without relying on your work email to be installed or accessible on your mobile device.

For all new users, this feature will be automatically set. For users before this date, please follow the instructions below:


      1. Navigate to Settings

    Click Sending Emails

    Select Send from EW Email button

    And you’re ready to go!

    We are committed to improving your experience so that all educators can provide personalized, feedback quickly and easily. We know this new feature will help us reach that goal. Please let us know what you think of it by leaving us a review or dropping us a comment.

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts – thank you for being part of the Education Walkthrough community!

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