What's New

While you are using Education Walkthrough, we are working to bring you the latest features, bug fixes, and keep the system running the best it can. This is our place to share What’s New.

May 2023

Offline Mode

Complete walkthroughs when you have poor wifi or internet. Sync with the cloud when you have internet again.


Filter Domains

Only show the questions you answer on the walkthrough PDF. Enable this filter under Settings–> Report –> Options


Remember Me

Save your login information on the Dashboard. Try it out


February 2023

Select a prompt in general comments

That’s why we’ve introduced prompts to our general comments section. Simply select the 💡 icon and choose from a variety of prompts to jumpstart your feedback.


Search bar for walkthrough options

Added a new search bar to our walkthrough options. Now, finding the right template, teacher, or department is easier than ever before. Simply click on “Start” and start typing the name of what you’re looking for.


Upgrade on the mobile app without logging out

You can now easily upgrade to premium on the mobile app without logging in and out. The process is seamless and allows you to stay within the app, making it faster and more convenient than ever before. 



December 2022

New question choices – checkboxes, yes/no, free form, and more

Add new question types, including checkboxes, multiple choice, yes/no, free form, and more. Easily duplicate a question or delete it with a click of a button.


Save the walkthrough as draft and finish later

Take a break from your walkthrough without losing all your data! Pick up where you left off whenever works best for you – no need to start over!


Email walkthroughs from our dedicated email

Do you ever wonder if your emails reach the teacher? Worry no more! Our new feature sends completed walkthroughs directly to teachers using feedback@ educationwalkthrough.com, and lets you ‘cc’ yourself so that you can easily keep track of everything.