Learners are deeply known as individuals and are part of a learning community that is positive, secure, and open to all backgrounds and perspectives.

The principle of Community focuses on the environment in which learning occurs and emphasizes the importance of students being deeply known as individuals and experiencing a learning environment that is positive, secure, and open to all backgrounds and perspectives.

Community Look Fors


Learners feel and demonstrate that they are part of a community with shared values and beliefs, as well as appreciation for each individual’s unique ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds.


Learners experience positivity, warmth, and joy in the school.


Learners voice ideas and perspectives freely and equitably, ensuring each individual is an active contributor to the community.


Learners have positive relationships with both peers and with adults who act as role models and provide learners with emotional support when needed so that learners feel seen, heard, safe, and known.


Learners understand and uphold norms to maintain physical and emotional safety and predictability in the learning environment.

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This guide was created by Lindsay Unified School District and The Learning Accelerator, building on the work produced through a previous partnership between Lindsay Unified School District, Summit Public Schools, and Transcend. Learn more about the partnership.
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