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Focus on coaching, not writing notes

Imagine being able to observe a teacher, answer a short set of questions about what you’ve seen and heard in class. Then with one click your feedback is sent immediately to their email – all within 10 minutes from your phone!

Share immediate feedback with teachers

Teachers perform at their best when they are given constant feedback. Education Walkthrough enables school leaders to quickly observe, document and share feedback within 30 seconds after a walkthrough is completed.

Customize your rubric template

Classroom walkthrough rubrics vary dramatically across schools, districts, and states. Education Walkthrough gives you the option of using our standard template consisting of lesson planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction and teaching methodologies domains or allows you to create a custom template with different domains, questions, and answer types.

Centralize your digital, paperless walkthroughs

You have enough to do without the stress of organizing teacher walkthroughs every month. Education Walkthrough goes beyond streamlining observations by organizing all walkthrough reports in one central location accessible anywhere from your phone or computer.

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