10 ways to give positive feedback to your teachers after an observation

It is vital to give positive feedback to teachers after an observation. It lets them know what they are doing well and encourages to continue those practices. It also reinforces the importance of the observation process. Here are 10 examples of giving positive feedback to a teacher after an observation.

1. Thank the teacher for welcoming you into the classroom and for their time.

2. Share one or two things that stood out to you that the teacher did well.

3. Use specific and objective language when giving feedback. For example, “I noticed that you could keep all students engaged in the lesson.”

4. Avoid using general comments such as “Good job!” or “Great lesson!”

5. If there was something you observed that you’d like the teacher to continue doing, mention it!

6. Try to avoid making any negative comments. If you must, couched them in positives, or save them for another conversation.

7. Ask if there is anything the teacher would like help with or clarification on from the observation.

8. Reiterate your support for the teacher and let them know you are there to help them grow and improve as educators.

9. Thank the teacher again for their time and let them know you enjoyed observing their lesson!

10. Follow up with the teacher after a few days/weeks to see how they implement any changes or suggestions from the observation into their instruction.

Giving positive feedback after an observation is essential to maintaining a healthy and supportive relationship with your teachers. It lets them know what they are doing well, reinforces the importance of the observation process, and provides encouragement to continue those practices. By following these 10 tips, you can give positive feedback that is specific, objective, and helpful!

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